July My Bonus Money Report 12

July My Bonus Money Report 12

This is my report on June 2023. 

This was a really good month. They're not all like this. 

They're not all going to be like this. 

But it was pretty awesome. 

The stats are here: 

Total passive income for Month of June 2023: $11,362.17   
Total money invested so far: $16,272   
Total passive income for 2023: $15,932.79
Monthly rate of return: 69.83%    
Yearly cumulative rate of return: 97.92%
Money withdrawn from the investment account: $3,600

This month was the first month that I withdrew money from the account for living expenses. That's the whole point, right? 

My goal is to live off of this passive income and be able to invest any money that I make. 

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