May Income Report and My Updated Strategy Explained Episode 11

May Income Report and My Updated Strategy Explained Episode 11

Total passive income for Month of May 2023: $1,875.15
Total money invested so far: $16,272
Total passive income for 2022: $3,318.62 total 
Monthly rate of return: 11.52% 
Yearly cumulative rate of return: 20.39%

Welcome to the My Bonus Money podcast, where I discuss how educators can make side hustle money. Today, I'll report on my passive income for May 2023 and share my new investment strategy using tips from

In May 2023, I earned $1,875.15 in passive income with a total investment of $16,272 so far this year. My monthly rate of return was 11.52%, while my yearly return reached 20.39%.

My current strategy involves following trade ideas provided by to better understand investing and improve results. Not every tip works out as expected but learning is the goal here.

For example, I tried an AMC long put trade idea which you can find in the show notes for this episode (not financial advice). The concept behind this strategy is creating a long put on AMC with a $6 strike price to potentially profit from a decrease in stock price while managing risk through setting stop losses.

After purchasing and later selling the options contract at different prices ($1.01 when bought; $1.14 when sold), I achieved a return of 12.87% on the investment despite some losses along the way.

To learn more about these strategies or try them yourself with paper trading before committing real funds, visit (delayed by seven days) or subscribe for real-time access at just $50 per month.

If you want to start investing with only $200 and learn more about generating bonus money, download our free course at

Please remember that nothing shared in this podcast should be considered financial advice—consult professionals for guidance tailored specifically to your situation.

Or go to to download the FREE course teaching you how you can do this too. 

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